Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Leaving Facebook

I have left Facebook. There are many reasons for me leaving, but the biggest is time. I feel like there is never enough time in the day. Bear making is not my only business, my husband and I have another business selling license plates. We sell to collectors, to businesses, decorators, and crafts people, and that is the business that pays the bills. I am the shipping and photographing department of Platedog, and that takes most of my day.
I have been gone from FB for a couple of weeks now, and I don’t miss it. I spend most of my workday on the computer, and it was just to easy to go visit just for a few minutes to break up the photo editing monotony. By the time I visited the groups, and made comments, those few minutes often ended up being more like a half and hour.
I will be happier just keeping photos and updates here on the blog. It will give me more time with the bears and the other creative endeavors I wish to pursue.
I will continue with Flickr, and Instagram. I enjoy looking at the inspiration on these sites without feeling the need to comment.


  1. I admire your ability to step away from fb, Joanne. I am afraid I am such an addict that it would be very difficult for me to quit. Maybe one day ... Hugs xxxx

    1. It is getting easier everyday, especially when I see how much I get done.

  2. Missed hearing you,but i also agree with you.
    May your wishes come true.

  3. Wise move Joanne. Anything that gives you more time to create is a good decision. You will remain my alltime favourite bearmaker and I look forward to following you on instagram and seeing what wonderful creations to turn your hand at. Thanks for all the advice you 've given me in the past. x


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